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Hockey Operations


Ryan Papaioannou

Head Coach & General Manager

Ryan Papaioannou enters his 11th season behind the bench as head coach of the Brooks Bandits, and his 12th  season overall with the organization in 2019-20.

A two-time Canadian National Junior A Champion, and a two-time AJHL Coach of the Year in 2012-13 and 2018-19,  Ryan Papaioannou is the winningest and longest-tenured coach in franchise history, as well as a five-time AJHL  champion.


Evan McFeeters

Assistant Coach

Evan enters his 1st season as the Bandits Assistant Coach, after spending the previous 5 seasons as an Assistant Coach/GM with the Canmore Eagles.



Taylor Makin

Assistant Coach

Taylor enters his 1st season as Assistant Coach with the Bandits, after the spending the previous season coaching with the Grande Prairie Storm. Makin also played for the Bandits, winning a National Championship in 2013.




Kevin Sajinovic

Goaltender Coach

Kevin Sajinovic enters his 2nd season with the Brooks Bandits as Goaltender Coach in 2020-21.




Karyn Fanstone

Athletic Therapist

Karyn Fanstone enters her 4th season with the Brooks Bandits as Athletic Therapist in 2020-21.




Andrew Luchies

Equipment Manager

Luchies enters his 2nd season with the Brooks Bandits as Equipment Manager in 2020-21.





Front Office

Nathan Crosby

Business Manager & Broadcaster

Nathan Crosby enters his 4th season with the Brooks Bandits. He oversees the team’s finances, corporate partnerships and advertising, marketing and leads the day-to-day office operations.




 Terri-Lea Yeaman

 Office Manager

Terri-Lea Yeaman enters her 5th season as Office Manager for the Brooks Bandits, and 7th season with the  organization overall in 2020-21.






Bryan Wilson

Digital Media Coordinator

Bryan enters his 1st season with the Bandits in 2020-21, and oversees as gameday video production and digital media content.





Scouting Staff


Head Scout | Alberta & Western Canada | 403.793.1997






Eastern Canada | Cell:  905.691.2863

Washington | Cell: 206.786.0321

USA | Cell:  206.396.0800


Official Dentist: Parkview Dental Centre

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