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Team History

The Alberta Junior Hockey League awards Brooks the opportunity to purchase a franchise in the league in September of 1998. An organizational meeting is held in November 1998 with Gary Drake as president, it is decided that a franchise will be pursued for Brooks.

In June 1999 after the Annual General Meeting of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, the organization holds a press conference to introduce the official name & logo of the team. The name of the organization was decided to be the Brooks Bandits and the logo would be a bandit holding a hockey stick. Scott Grisbrook was the logo designer.

The Brooks Bandits decide to secure the franchise money through a program called "The Founding Fathers" (see Founding Fathers list on website menu). The organization was successful and gets seventeen business and individuals to donate money to the franchise in exchange for a lifetime package.

In September 1999, the Brooks Bandits accept the resignation of president Gary Drake. Byron Smith becomes the new president/Governor along with Doug Grisbrook (Vice President), John Arnold (Treasurer), Janey Smith (Secretary), Ron Bonora (Hockey Operations), Wendy Arnold (Player Welfare), Gord Stangowitz (Ways and Means), Jim Gregory (Director), Bill Highet (Director).

At a "Founding Father" press conference on November 4th, 1999 the Brooks Bandits officially purchase the franchise for Brooks from Alberta Junior Hockey League President, Kim Marsh. Also on November 4th, 1999, the team signs their first players to A.J.H.L. whitecards. The players were Tyler Smith and Shaun Prins.

In December 1999, the organization is proud to announce that Nolan Crouse of St. Albert has accepted the position of Head Coach / General Manager.

In April 2000, the Bandits hold their first spring camp. The camp attracts about 100 hockey players. Assistant Coach, Jamie Langley is named to the organization.

Fall/Main Camp began on August 25th, 2000, the camp had 28 goalies and 100 hockey players. From main camp the Bandits played their first exhibition game on August 29th, 2000. They won the game 4-3 over the Olds Grizzlies. Royce Bert scores the first goal at 9:41 of the first period.

Regular season started on September 9th, 2000 in Ft. McMurray. The Bandits win over the Oil Barons 7-5. Chris Boyle scores the first goal at 1:12 into the first period.

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