Bandits adjust & improve playoff tickets for 2017

BROOKS, AB (February 8, 2017) – The Brooks Bandits of the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) are adjusting their playoff ticket system for the 2017 post-season, it was announced today.

Starting this season, Bandit fans will have the option of purchasing their playoff packages as a OneTicket, a single ticket which will allow access to all playoff games this season, and maintain a ticketholder’s single seat for the entire post-season run.

Playoff package prices have been frozen for another year at $180 for Adults, which will allow a ticketholder entry to the up to 12 playoff home games the Bandits will host this year, which works out to $15 per playoff game, the same as the regular season gate price. For each of the maximum 12 home games that the Bandits do not play, the playoff package holder will receive $15 that can be applied to a 2017-18 season ticket, or returned in a cash refund after the 2016-17 season ends.

Regardless of whether they buy a playoff package or not, season ticket holders will still have until noon on the day of each playoff home game to buy a ticket at the gate price for their season seat for that game.

The playoff package now provides fans with the cheapest and most efficient way to ensure they can catch the Bandits’ entire run for a fourth AJHL championship.

Due to financial pressures faced by the non-profit organization, the Bandits are also slightly adjusting playoff gate prices. Beginning with the 2017 post-season, tickets for the AJHL First Round will remain at $15. Adult tickets for the South Division Semi-Final will cost $16 at the gate, the South Division Final will be $17, and the AJHL Gas Drive Cup final will have a $20 gate price.

However, none of these adjustments affect playoff package holders, who will maintain their cost at $15 per game and receive a $15 per game refund or season ticket discount for any of the 12 potential games that are not played.

The Bandits plan to begin playoff ticket sales early next week.