Bandits Hand Out Team Awards

At the game on Saturday, February 22 the Bandits handed out their team awards for the 2013-2014 regular season.  All winners are chosen by the Bandits coaching staff, with the exception of the Fan Favourite which is chosen by the fans.  Award winners were as follows:

Rookie of the Year – sponsored by Baker Hughes and presented by Scott Orton
WINNER – Kyler Nachtigall
Most Improved – sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and presented by President Al McKinnon
WINNER – Alex Roberts
Hustler of the Year – sponsored by Raymond and Vicki Smith and presented by Brittni Hendricks
WINNER – Brandon Bruce
Top All Around Forward – sponsored by Mario's Electric and presented by Jim Bonora
WINNER – Anthony Petruzzelli
Top Defenceman – sponsored by Sport Stitch and presented by Leighton Smith
WINNER – Maddison Smiley
Unsung Hero – sponsored by Frontier Signworks and presented by Kelly Tanigami
WINNER – Nick McCormack
Top Scorer – sponsored by Smith Group and presented by Cole Smith
WINNER – Anthony Petruzzelli
Fan Favourite – sponsored by StitchFX and presented by Kent Pierson
WINNER – Maddison Smiley
Best Defensive Forward – sponsored by Logan Industries and presented by Jason Bolen
WINNER – Anthony Paskaruk
Most Game Stars – sponsored by Sportside Source for sports and presented by Graeme Carlson
WINNER – Anthony Petruzzelli
Most Valuable Player – sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart and presented by Rhonda Torok
WINNER – Michael Fredrick
NIck Crosby Award/Scholarship – sponsored and presented by Bob and Wendy Crosby
WINNER – Anthony Paskaruk
For pictures of all our winners please check out our Media Gallery.
**Thank you to Bruce Parker and the Brooks Bulletin for supplying all photos**
Congratulations to all our winners!