Love of community keeps Makar returning to Brooks

Brooks Bandits alumnus Cale Makar took time out from preparing for another season of college hockey to support his AJHL team Saturday.

The Colorado Avalanche prospect took part in the annual golf tournament of the Bandits and even had the longest drive at one point on the 18th hole.

“It’s good to be back in the town to be honest with you.”

He said he keeps returning because he wants to support the team he played for.

“I love this place and at the end of the day they gave me so much in terms of the support and the Brooks Bandits program. I think it is just something that is never going to leave my heart. Even though I have moved on to UMass and hopefully the Avalanche in the future, I think Brooks has a special place in my heart. What this town has done for me is immense.”

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