Thank You from Springer Family

The Bandits organization recently received the below letter from the family of one of our players, #27 Linden Springer, and we feel it deserves to be shared with the whole community of Brooks.  This just goes to show how supportive and amazing our fans, sponsors, billets and volunteers are……so THANK YOU!


To the Amazing Community of Brooks,

We wish to thank you for all of the hospitality that you have given Linden and our family over the past few months. We honestly did not know much about the city of Brooks nor the Bandits hockey team before the January 10th trade deadline, but we definitely learned a lot in the past few months. 

You have an incredible hockey community and a dedicated group of people who support their  junior hockey club: team sponsors, board members, office staff, coaches, volunteers, billets and of course the amazing fans, all contribute to the success of the team. So many positive and friendly people involved with the team introduced themselves to us.  We were in disbelief to see so many fans, billets, and parents travel great distances to attend games and cheer their team on. 

The office staff as well as volunteers are a huge support network for the team. Thanks to Jaime for all of the organizing you did for our boys as well as their families.  As busy as you were, you always had time to look after our families and never quit smiling.  Leah, the work that you put in as a billet coordinator went above and truly spoiled our son by allowing him to invade your kitchen on numerous occasions.  Special thanks to Ralph who helped the boys out in so many ways…your endless generosity will always be remembered, not only by the players, but by the parents as well. Bob, Kathy and Adam, thanks for welcoming Linden into your home and for being great billet parents to him and Jeff. 

Brooks Bandits has an unbelievable coaching staff. Ryan, Scott and Brent learn about each player, take an interest in them as a person and also learn about what their future goals are.  To see such a talented cohesive team have so much fun playing a game of hockey, is credit to the coaches as well as the team leaders. Ryan, thank you for bringing Linden onto your team. He speaks so highly of you and continues to share stories about your amazing leadership abilities. 

Thank you Brooks for being a wonderful hockey home for our son for his final few months of his junior career.  We will always have special memories of your very classy Brooks Bandits Organization. 

Duwayne and Kim Springer